How to Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Party Paradise

Poolside or patio, outdoor spaces make for a booming backyard bash! Some planning and set-up and your fresh-air fiesta is bound to be the event of the season.

These inspiring designs for your backyard party transform the outdoors into a party paradise! Discover tips for beautiful designs for poolside, an outdoor kitchen, lighting, outdoor lounging and dining furniture. Take your entertaining outdoors exclusively or supplement your indoor gatherings. Bringing the fun out into the open shifts the feel of any party or get-together. Especially, poolside!

That’s why some strategic thinking about your outdoor spaces is so important. Designing a backyard suitable for parties provides endless design options.

First, consider your events and your outdoor space. A large area works best broken up into smaller sections, much like the rooms in your home. Separate lounging, bar, and dining areas, plus an outdoor kitchen make for a spectacular impression in a large outdoor space.

In smaller spaces, integrate the uses more. Think of the space more like an open-concept great room where the kitchen flows into the dining and living areas. Move dining chairs into the lounging area when more guests arrive. Multi-purpose furnishings allow for more flexibility.

Here are several elements of design that make your outdoor spaces ideal for hosting guests.

Design is Key for Parties

An outdoor event is no different from an indoor event when it comes to décor and design. Every detail counts. From furniture to finishing, food to fixtures, plan for every little thing. How many guests are you expecting? How will your guests move through the space? Are the walkways wide enough? Where will you offer food? Drinks? How will you keep food and beverages cold? Hot?

It is these design elements (and many others) in the space, any space, that makes for a more successful get-together.

Outdoor Terraces

Don’t make your guests roast in the hot sun. Awnings, pergolas, umbrellas or any other shade source offers a welcome escape from the rays of the sun. Position extra seating for a conversational grouping for 4 to 6 people and decorate with large potted plants. Make sure there is space for a snack display on tables or a counter.

Outdoor Kitchens

A full outdoor kitchen may not be in the cards. But adding a grill and wine fridge keeps you in the center of the party action instead of tied to the indoor kitchen away from guests. Counter or bar height outdoor dining tables are ideal to help prepare and display food for guests.

The Bar

Ideally, add some stool seating into the pool with a bar alongside for a swim-up bar! Walk-up furniture bars offer a more budget-friendly alternative, in a pinch. A bar area separate from the food service area makes hosting easier and creates an upscale impression.


Some parties end at sunset, but the best ones continue after twilight. So, invest in some string lights or other outdoor lighting to illuminate the space. Keep the party going!

Comfy Sofas & Chairs

Design a conversational area with complementing sectional, sofas or chairs for you and your guests. Curved Sofa sectionals are a great way to create an intimate space for your group.  Stretch out and relax or cozy up with a good read between parties. Host lively conversations once the party starts. A comfy conversational grouping invites interaction and discussion that makes visitors more relaxed.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are not just for warmth anymore – they create an exquisite, relaxing atmosphere. Turn down the flame to enjoy the unique ambiance only a real fire can give. On cooler nights, dial up the flame and cozy up to the fire for more warmth. This deluxe decorative element transforms any outdoor space into an extraordinary experience. Add one to your dining space, or your conversational area to really complete the high-end look.

Dinner Parties

Host amazing dinner parties for 6, 10 or even more!  To make the most of your space, Teak offers a variety of extension tables.  A table for 6 can quickly and easily extend to 9.5′ or more making room for all of your favorite guests.  Select folding chairs for easy storage or place the extra chairs in another area to enjoy your morning coffee.

Your outdoor space design has a significant impact on how you use it and its impression on guests. To host elegant pool parties, you need to carefully consider your design. After all, your space should be versatile, comfortable, and exquisite.

At Florida Backyard, we offer professional design consultations to help you determine what is exactly right for your outdoor space. With the myriad of options available, we can fashion an exquisite space for your next celebration. Contact Us today for a free in-home or showroom consultation with an expert outdoor space designer.

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